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Discover SLCFD

Discover SLCFD

Who we are
SLCFD is an organization that works for the Deaf People we were established in November 1984.
Our current membership island wide is over 4000. We have as members both who are Deaf and those who are not.
We are made up of 11 Districts Branches, A Deaf women’s Association and a Deaf Youth Association.


Our Mission

“To assist the Deaf Community in Sri Lanka to lead a free and independent life by preventing Social, Economic and cultural oppression; by developing skill and abilities to overcome weakness and by wining equal Rights”

In accordance with the mission statement of the said federation, various programs would be implemented for giving rise Deaf persons to come up independently, some of the programs are,

    • Taking action to enhance District Organizations.
    • Make aware of and also influence governmental and non-governmental organizations regarding human rights and various necessities of the Deaf Persons.
    • Implementing programs to make aware of the General Society regarding Deaf persons and Deafness.
    • To impart Sign Language training in order to facilitate communication for the parents of the Deaf children and the general society.
    • To impart Sign Language training, through District Organizations, to Deaf persons who have not received educations.
    • To provide English language training, for elderly Deaf persons, together with Sign Language translations.
    • To conduct consultancy services for the Deaf persons, Through Peer Groups.
    • To engage coordinating officer for each District Organization and pay allowances.
    • Commemorating International Deaf Day under various themes.
    • To provide free Sign Language translations service to members and other various institutions.
    • To provide various other welfare work.
    • To grant residential training opportunities in overseas countries for scholarships and leadership training, by maintaining foreign relationships.
    • To provide far machines and computer together web cameras to the selected District Organizations for facilitating the communication.
Services and welfare activates required by the members of the District Organizations affiliated to the Federations, are met through the said District Organizations. Like the mother Federation, the District Organizations also hold the executive committee meetings monthly and identify the needs of their members and fulfill the necessary welfare activities.

Our Goals

Our goals are to support Deaf People to achieve human rights and to stop negative discrimination in society.

We also work towards providing for Deaf People opportunities for them to come together, to communicate with each other and to share their experiences and ideas.

  • Strengthen our District Organizations.
  • Teach Sign Language to parents of Deaf Children, Teachers of Deaf schools, Instructors at vocational training centers and members of the general public.
  • Teach sign language to those who have not been to school
  • Provide sign language interpreter services
  • Conduct English language courses
  • Facilitate employment opportunities
  • Computer training
  • Provide personal and legal advice
  • Promote participation in sports
  • Obtain/Provide welfare support and services
  • Access Leadership training opportunities with in Sri Lanka and abroad
  • Raise awareness of the general public Adour issue related to Deafness
  • Promote media campaigns about Deafness
  • Do advocacy with the government and with nongovernmental organization regarding our needs for social inclusion
  • Celebrate the international day of the Deaf
  • Become a member
  • Donate to Us
  • Register as a volunteer with our organization
  • Contribute towards our success in other ways


Sri Lanka Central Federation Of The Deaf